Book Projekt No. 1

Eighty Degree

A simple book about all and nothing.

The first book of the 'Hardcover-Artwork' series is filled with more than 100 photographies, plenty of illustrations and short stories that fill the 180 pages in a way that describes the world's contemporary lifestyle.

Hardcover Artwork

The book was produced in an exclusive edition of only 500 pieces.

All pages are featuring silver as an addtional spot colour, while a centerfold and the thread sewn binding are making this book a high quality printing product.

Eigthy degree –  Hardcover Artwork: ISBN 978-3-00-026948-6

Extract of the blurb:

Why has the world been waiting for this book? Well did it? You certainly wouldn't expect such a book in a regular book store, not only for the fact that they would strugle to find the right shelve for it.
Most likely the you put it on a table were random stuff lies.

It's neither a photo book nor a guidebook and certainly no cook book while it does contain a bit of all. It's a wild mix of styles while also not being a livestyle guide. So because it's something entertaining you can easily serve with a coffee, it might be a coffee table book.