I wouldn't go as far as pretending I came to this world with a camera in my hand but I definitely grew up like that. Wether its on the street, in nature or in the studio...

Well, I guess I am quite lucky some clever guy invented the digital camera, otherwise this would have become an (even more) expensive hobby.

Travel Videos

One of my joy is to capture all the memories and experiences that I make on my trips around the world.

What started as a hobby, has grown over the years to be one of my greatest passions.

With all the greats toys that have been developed over the recent years, drone, gimbals, action cams and so on, I can easily say that at least half of my luggage will be taken up by all the gear.

And by trying to become better and better, the collection of videos has also continuously Sammlung der Videos immer weiter.

Book Project No. 2

It's about Asia this time - to be precise about China, Japan and Taiwan. The 172 pages are filled with photographies, real art prints of handpainted calligraphies and authentic maga drawings.

From a technical point of view this book is something unique. Seven different sorts of paper printed by six different kind of printing techniques are shaping the piece of art that you can hold in your hands.

Fashion Design Project No. 1

Das besondere an der Trageart dieses Schals ist,
dass die 2 Hälften das offene Dreieck, das von den Seiten durch das Revers eines Blazer, Jackett oder Mantels gebildet wird perfekt abdecken.

Damit hat der Wind im Gegenteil zu der ein oder anderen Knotentechnik keine Chance mehr durchzukommen.

Book Project No. 1

The first book of the 'Hardcover-Artwork' series is filled with more than 100 photographies, plenty of illustrations and short stories that fill the 180 pages in a way that describes the world's contemporary lifestyle.

The book was produced in an exclusive edition of oly 500 pieces. All pages are featuring silver as an addtional spot colour, while a centerfold and the thread sewn binding are making this book a high quality printing product.
gestaltet, als Sonderfarbe wurde Silber eingesetzt. Das rote Zeichenband ist das exquisite Detail, dass einen dazu einläd immer mal wieder in dem Buch weiterzulesen.


What defines the 'modern' human beeing? He lives in big cities, urges 24/7 from one meeting to another, always living the life on the fast track. In between jetlag and fast food all the important aspect of life, easily fell short...

Creative Offerings


Photography and Videography