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With almost 10 years of experience in sales, business development, marketing and in general with efficient and customer focussed communication, I can offer you and your projects constulting in this fields.
Marketing und generell effizienter und zielgerichteter
Kundenkommunikation biete ich Ihnen und Ihrem Projekt Beratung in diesen Feldern an.

Even if sales is normally not considered to be the most creative job, it's still exactly what you might need to adress the customer each and every time in a way that your message sticks. In the end it's always the goal to achieve a form of collaboration.

To share the insights in communication, marketing, presentations and sales that I have gained over the years, I most recently started a new project called illustrated arguments. On this blog I will frequently post new content in this field. You will find the link to this here soon.